Our Story

One Taste and You're Hooked....

Për's Smoked of Vermont specializes in smoking fish, seafood, cheese, and garlic. Për Courtney Jr. has mastered his smoking process over the years to preserved and enhance the natural flavors of the ingredients he uses. His goal in his process has always been to preserve the original flavor and not over power by smoke. He always says he is not selling smoke.

The company first began in 2012 in Greensboro Bend, VT. In 2018, the smokehouse was moved to the Walden location. And now a big move has just been made to Route 15 in Wolcott. 

Për's lifelong passion for creating and cooking reflects in all of the products we offer. We hope you enjoy our small-batch, artisan production style! It may keep our company small, but it ensures a high quality product.  

Për's Smoked carefully researches and chooses all raw products that are used in the production process from environmentally sustainable fisheries and cooperatives. We keep track of them constantly and if for any reason we find they have slipped below our standards, we will discontinue use of their products. 

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