Delicious Smoked Fish, Dips & Spreads

All of our smoked fish and seafood is brined and hot smoked.
Fully Cooked / Gluten Free

Faroe Island Salmon

The softest and oiliest of all our smoked fish. 

A definite favorite! 

Arctic Char

(AKA Blue Trout) A mild salmonid flavor.

Moist and tender!

Scottish Sea Trout

A bold flavor and meaty texture.

A favorite for flaking on salads.

Norwegian Salmon

A firmer salmon compared to the Faroe Island.

A high oil content.

Steelhead Trout

Very similar to the Scottish Sea Trout's bold flavor. This variety can be firmer.

A smokehouse favorite. 

Bluefish (seasonal)

Known for its rich and fatty meat.

Smoking brings a great balance to the flavor, off setting the often "fishy" undertone. 

Haddock (seasonal)

A sweet and smoky flavor.

Great addition to chowders.

Fish Spread

A creamy spread blended together with a variety of smoked salmons and trouts. 

Pair with your favorite baguette and white wine.

Garlic Dip

A delicious creamy dip made with local organic garlic.

Great on bagels. Add to your favorite Italian dressing to create a creamy dressing!

Lobster Dip

Handcut chunks of smoked lobster are packed into our take on an "Old Bay" seasoning blend.

A lobster lover's delight!

New England Clam Dip

The clams give this dip an extra amount of creaminess.  

You won't be able to stop dipping your pitas!

Caribbean Seafood Spread

An adobe base of flavors and roasted red peppers brings this seafood spread to life.

A smokehouse favorite!

Italian Seafood Dip

Our "Bacon of the Sea" dip!

So versatile.
Serve with 
your favorite
chips, crackers, and veggies. 

Smokehouse Specials

We always have something special at the smokehouse...

Smoked : Scallops, shrimp, lobster, cheddar, hot sauce, jerky... It's always a surprise!